Dr Joel Kaplan Silicone Beaded Prostate Massager

dr-joel-kaplan-silicone-beaded-prostate-massagerSilicone Beaded Prostate Toy ($10)

Experience simple prostate joy like never before with this silicone baded prostate massager from Dr Joel Kaplan.

Ideal for beginners, the angled shaft on the toy consists of four beads that change progressively in size.  Easy to insert, but big enough ultimately even to satisfy experienced prostate toys!  This prostate massager is sure to give you a lot of fun and LoveHoney currently have it on sale for just $10!

Stilo Luxury Prostate Massager

stilo-prostateStilo Prostate Massager ($310)

Incredible luxury prostate massager that only your nether region deserves!!  Expertly sculpted from silky smooth steel, the Stilo feels like no other prostate toy.  It’s uniquely contoured design and comfortable natural grip will allow you to have truly out of this world prostate masturbation sessions.

Cheap Prostate Toy

non vibrating prostate massagerNon-vibrating Prostate Massager ($8)

This is a cheap non-vibrating prostate massager made from simple plastic that just about get’s the job done.  If you want to try prostate fun for the first time, then this is just about the cheapest prostate toy you will find.  It should give you an idea as to whether you want to go further in the world of prostate sex toy fun, but bear in mind that it is a cheap toy and that the more expensive stimulators will give you 100X the pleasure!!

Lelo Billy

lelo billyLelo Billy ($132)

Billy is a premium gentleman’s prostate massager with no less than five different stimulation modes.

The body of the prostate massager itself is gentle and inviting, with a luxurious feel that only Lelo can deliver.  But the real power comes form the five spped vibrator hidden within the sleek body.

The Lelo Billy is perfect for both beginners and connoisseurs of prostate toys.

Mangasm Prostate Toy Review

mangasm alphaMangasm Alpha ($54)

The Mangasm Alpha is an exciting new addition to the range of prostate toys for men.  It’s the perfect beginner’s prostate toy – easy to handle and simple in design, but with sufficient curves to place just the right amount of delightful pressure onto the prostate region for the novice to enjoy.

The main head of the Mangasm Alpha is easily insertable into the anus, whilst the flexible perineum tab will tease and tickle your prostate region.

Onyx Prostate Toy

sinclair wandSinclair Institute Prostate Wand ($24)

The Onyx Prostate Wand toy from Sinclair Institute is 5.75″ in length and made from soft, easily insertable CyberGlass.

Like other glass sex toys, the Onyx prostate toy can easily be heated up or cooled down in water.

The head of the Onyx has a specially angled tip and raised edges for maximum stimulation.

Despite being deliciously soft and smooth, the CyberGlass nature of this prostate toy means that it is always reliably rigid.

Lelo Bob Luxury Prostate Toy

BobLelo Bob Prostate Toy ($49)

Lelo are one of the world’s most premium sex toy manufacturers, the makers of some of the most luxury prostate toys on the market.  The Lelo Bob is typical of their smooth and stylish design.

In a beautiful deep blue color, the Lelo Bob will provide deep internal anal stimulation, whilst simultaneously massaging the male P-Spot.  Not a prostate toy for beginners, but for the more experienced users amongst you, it’s time you added a Lelo to your collection of male prostate toys!